Top Methods to Get Favorite Android Games for Free

download android paid apps and games free
Download Android Paid Apps and Games Free

There are more than thousands of Android applications and games available on Google PlayStore. Some are available to be downloaded for free, where some needs payment to download the application. But most of the people have limitations in reaching those paid applications. In order to address that fact, inventors have designed very useful applications and methods. They are:

  • Using In-app Purchases Hacking App
  • Using Mod Games
  • Using Alternative App Stores

What is the “In-app purchase”?

In-app purchasing includes buying virtual goods you can acquire in order to uplift your gameplay. Or it means buying target features of an application from a PlayStore. Some applications are available for free. But they may have extra features to be added to improve the gameplay. And you may need to buy those things with your money to go for a high score. Such as, it may have extra weapons to buy or a tool which increases the features of the application itself. Sometimes you will need to play to upgrade the game after using the trial version or to uplift your application into something without advertisements. The act of purchasing these requirements, it is called “in-app purchases”.

Using In-app Purchase Hacking App

Most of the time applications are designed incorporating few in-app purchases. Normally when we are playing a game, there are game coins, lives and extra levels available for us to buy for the money. Those In-app purchases are the main way in which application developers gain profit. But users always seek ways to go for “Free in-app purchases”. If we use a method to bypass these payments, that is directly an illegal thing. However, there are in-app purchases hacking applications developed in the world. Some do work well where some put the user in trouble. Therefore no matter what application you chose, it is always a must to utilize it only for the educational purposes.

How to Hack with a Applications?

Cheating or hacking in in-app purchases is a very simple process. But for that, you need an application with the ability to cheat in PlayStore. There are large numbers of such applications in the Android world. Those applications can unlock the target application you need while getting unlimited game coins, lives, characters, etc.


  • Game cheating applications can give you an unlimited amount of game coins, gems, lives..etc.
  • You will have the ability to crack it and buy anything at any time for free.
  • Unlock all the powerful paid characters with no money at all
  • You will get the chance to use special powerful weapons in the gameplay.


  • Uses of these applications are not ethical. Therefore if you get caught your game account can be get banned.
  • Some apps may require root access.

The Best Applications in Market & Their Download Links

  • Freedom apk
  • Game Killer []
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Leo PlayCard apk
  • CreeHack
  • AppSara

Downloading Mod(Modified) Games

There are multiple ways you can use to reach your game or application of interest. Using game mods is another way of acquiring your favorite application.

What Do You Know About “Modified Games”?

The modified game is a game which you create specific customized game levels, objects, game characters and gameplay using an existing game as the foundation. It’s like creating a game of your own using an existing game engine. So now, there are a lot of games with an editor who creates an easy mod for the game you like, Or most of the games have separate modders who modify it as you want.

Some Android users tend to believe ROMs as a similar thing to MOD. But those are two separate things. ROM is the internal memory of the device and a part of an Android operating system, where a mod is a modified software with a changed user interface.

How to Use

Modded apps is a recent trend in Android applications. Most of the people with smartphones and tablets do not know the way how to use mode applications.

  1. First, there are some changes in the device settings you need to do.
  2. Go to the security settings of the device and enable the unknown sources as only it will give permission to carry out the installation process here.
  3. You need to connect your Android device to a PC using a USB cable.
  4. Copy the APK file to the SD card.
  5. If there is Data.rar, you will need to extract all the file from Data.rar to SD card/ Android/data.
  6. Or if OBB.rar is present, you will need to extract files from OBB.rar to sd card/ Android/ obb.
  7. After that, you have to install the application. A file manager has to be incorporated to complete the installation process.

Installing Cracked Android Game with MOD Method to Your Android

  1. First, you will have to Download the .rar file to the Android device in a case with cracked applications.
  2. Then extract apk. Rar and obb.rar files to your SD card in the device.
  3. Go to the settings of your device and allow the unknown sources option.
  4. If there is an original version of the market application, you have to uninstall that.
  5. Then move the extracted folder to the sd card of your device.
  6. Then all you have to do is complete the installation process and start the gameplay.

Benefits and Fallbacks

Game mods or application mods are not the original versions of the application or game. Therefore you can expect all the features of the original application through the game mod. However, most of the features of them are similar to the original game or application and it will allow you to reach your target easily than the original game. And especially you won’t need to pay for the application. However, there can be related installation errors in the applications. Most cases can be solver using a reinstallation process and by uninstalling some applications you don’t use to give more space for the application you need.

Market Applications Like PlayStore

A PlayStore is an online portal which includes applications to be downloaded. Google Play Store is the most common example of such a PlayStore. It has thousands of applications and games for free and to be paid. So this PlayStore cannot be utilized by most of the people due to several restrictions as money. Or maybe the app store is not localized for the region you live in. sometimes all the users can’t enter the app store due to the restrictions made by App developer. In that case, PlayStore alternatives come into use.

What is “an Alternative App Store?”

This is a platform which gives access to multiple games and applications for free no matter they are paid or free versions. But you just can’t use it directly. There are some changes in the settings you need to do.

  • First, go to the settings of your device.
  • Then scroll down to the security settings.
  • Enable the “Unknown sources” feature.

Functionality of an Alternative App Store

  • The market application itself is completely free.
  • All the included application, games and all other tools in these alternative markets are completely free of charge.
  • Applications support all the android devices and versions and this third party store will give you more choices to choose the app type you need.
  • All the cracked versions of applications are enclosed here, including most recent once.
  • Most of these applications update itself with the latest editions of popular applications.
  • There are properly working search bars enclosed in applications.
  • The interface is eye-catching and very friendly as you can easily use it to full fill all your android needs.
  • Interesting themes included for the interface which can be changed according to users’ needs.

The Best in the Business

  • ACMarket APK
  • Tutu App
  • Aptoide
  • AppValley
  • GetAPK Market
  • GetJar
  • AppBrain

Benefits and Fallbacks

All these alternative applications can offer the cracked version of even the latest applications and games for totally free. Even the downloading process of these applications are very simple.

  • First, you need to download the target application into your device.
  • Then locate the downloaded apk file in your device and carry out the installation process.
  • Open the application.
  • Use the search for your favorite application on it.
  • It will give the search results in seconds.
  • Choose the one you need and install the application on your Android device.
  • Enjoy the application.

But the security conditions of the applications can differ than the Google PlayStore. Especially if the devices are rooted the threat is much higher. So you should be cautious while allowing a third-party store application into your device. Requirements of the applications can change from one to another. No matter how useful the application is, first you need to focus on the device security and then on enjoying the application.

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